$104 biweekly is quite a chunk

$104 biweekly is quite a chunk, but it really depends on how good the coverage is, and what your deductible is. Look at it this way…. If you have a $500 per person deductible, and the plan only pays 80% of COVERED expenses, then you would be out !!!!$5908!!!! a year before it pays the first penny.

One hospital visit may be more than that, but in emergency situations, all hospitals make payment arrangements. This is the type of insurance offered by my employer (state of MS), and it would cost me close to the same amount to cover my family. Luckily my dh and I both work at Ole Miss and our insurance is paid for–the kids qualify for Children’s Health Insurance (a new state program), and I’m signing them up on Monday.

I would maybe check on getting a hospitalization only type of insurance, since that’s the only way this policy could benefit you anyway.

About health insurance plan

I know that 104/week sounds like a lot (which is is!) but one visit to the hospital will costs way more than this! Even a visit to urgent care will costs more than that. My son’s kindergarten checkup costs over 300 (including all the test and shots). I was so thankful that I only had to pay $10. I have health problems so insurance isn’t optional. I pay over 100/month in copays for meds and office visits just for me.

Puts a damper in the budget but I have no choice if I want to function. I would keep the insurance and look to cut in other areas. BTW, are premiums are $527/month but fortunately, dh’s employer (the state of California) pays for all of it.

I also would love to know about a good insurance plan.. My husband hopes to retire next year and after Cobra will not have any..He had cancer a couple of years ago and that makes it harder to get inexpensive insurance..

Help! has curriculum

Hi all,
Anyone have any suggestions, I have been saving gc’s all summer to order the Robinson Curriculum from amazon and am almost to the point to be able to buy it and the G.A. Henry collection.

Now I have just found out that I can’t use them to buy the curriculum because it is a third party vendor only in zshops. Now I know I could have gotten web certificates and been able to use them but amazon was cheaper.

Any ideas?

Right here – I have some suggestions; first, why not try contacting the Robinson people to find out if they’ll take Amazon gc’s in their shop ( it’s worth a try ), then if *that* doesn’t work, check ebay – there’s one up with 3 days to go that’s gone too high, in my opinion, for a set of CDs that have gone through someoneelse’s computer, but there may be another set up soon.

Beyond that, you could take a look ’round other used curriculum sites – you can find a bunch of them by entering “used homeschool curriculum” as your search at www.dogpile.com 😀 That’s about all I can think of right now… I know I was desperately looking for coupons for Amazon when it was time for us to order and the buggerers don’t offer any… Pesky, if you ask me. 😀

My clothing dilemma

I posted this to couple of my lists so sorry for the XP if you are on more than one of them my dilemma is that i have a very thin 12 yo who is getting taller everyday – his waist size is that of maybe a size 12 slim but he is about 5’2″ – right now- i m having the hardest time with pants and shorts for him. I know i am going t have to buy his uniform pants from the uniform store which will be $$ but stores and thrift stores don’t seem to have any gray dress pants in his size- my other dilemma is that all his shorts are too short

Boys around here don’t get seen with shorts that are above their knees (although i don’t go for that down to the ankles ” shorts” look LOL!!- i think i may have semi- solved that dilemma- i went to the thrift store today – for 9.75 i got me a maternity shirt- two pair of jeans that are the right waist size for my DS and i will cut them down into long shorts – a pair of Nike sports pants for DD 9 (with a “sky blue” stripe down the sides — her “favorite” color LOL!! ) and i got 2 pairs of nylon sports pants for Ds that i will cut down into shorts

I am just hoping that this will solve our short problem !! – although summer is over in a month or so – we can have shorts weather thru OCT and he wears them all winter long at basketball practices my second dilemma is that i have outgrown my bathing suit so i am hoping can find a great deal today on a bathing suit that is a discreet maternity one or maybe one in a larger size – oh we.