$104 biweekly is quite a chunk

$104 biweekly is quite a chunk, but it really depends on how good the coverage is, and what your deductible is. Look at it this way…. If you have a $500 per person deductible, and the plan only pays 80% of COVERED expenses, then you would be out !!!!$5908!!!! a year before it pays the first penny.

One hospital visit may be more than that, but in emergency situations, all hospitals make payment arrangements. This is the type of insurance offered by my employer (state of MS), and it would cost me close to the same amount to cover my family. Luckily my dh and I both work at Ole Miss and our insurance is paid for–the kids qualify for Children’s Health Insurance (a new state program), and I’m signing them up on Monday.

I would maybe check on getting a hospitalization only type of insurance, since that’s the only way this policy could benefit you anyway.