Every time I go to a library sale

Wow…are you lucky! Every time I go to a library sale here the place is just jammed packed with people. Prices I’m not sure about, I usually just go for the $5. for a grocery bag full..plus they usually charge admission too! (50cents person if I remember right…we didn’t go this year).

I can’t brag on food bargains anymore. Since the girls went off to college I quit cooking. Dh does not like chicken, casseroles, meat, or beans except refried pinto beans. 🙁 🙁 🙁 If I cook or bake anything I am stuck eating it! Did hit garage sales and found ty beanies for $3.00 bought a cute tri-colored beanie for my daughter for Christmas she collects them. I also got a pretty basket for another present for a quarter and four butterfly candles for a quarter each. I could not believe prices ppl are asking for things.

I had the best yard sale day yesterday. I have been looking for a crib all summer and had been saving toysrus gift certs here to buy a new one just in case I couldn’t find one. Well, I found a yard sale in the paper that advertised a crib & other baby stuff and I full expected it to be gone by the time my brood got organized (around 11 am). Well it was raining so most people stayed away and I finally got my crib, no scratches no chips for 15.00 dollars!!! I am so happy. We assembled it last night to make sure everything was in order and it really looks like a new crib. I now have everything I need for my little boy that will be born in October. I would *like* a bassinet (one that rocks) but will hold off awhile to decide if I want it bad enough to actually spend money on!