About health insurance plan

I know that 104/week sounds like a lot (which is is!) but one visit to the hospital will costs way more than this! Even a visit to urgent care will costs more than that. My son’s kindergarten checkup costs over 300 (including all the test and shots). I was so thankful that I only had to pay $10. I have health problems so insurance isn’t optional. I pay over 100/month in copays for meds and office visits just for me.

Puts a damper in the budget but I have no choice if I want to function. I would keep the insurance and look to cut in other areas. BTW, are premiums are $527/month but fortunately, dh’s employer (the state of California) pays for all of it.

I also would love to know about a good insurance plan.. My husband hopes to retire next year and after Cobra will not have any..He had cancer a couple of years ago and that makes it harder to get inexpensive insurance..