My clothing dilemma

I posted this to couple of my lists so sorry for the XP if you are on more than one of them my dilemma is that i have a very thin 12 yo who is getting taller everyday – his waist size is that of maybe a size 12 slim but he is about 5’2″ – right now- i m having the hardest time with pants and shorts for him. I know i am going t have to buy his uniform pants from the uniform store which will be $$ but stores and thrift stores don’t seem to have any gray dress pants in his size- my other dilemma is that all his shorts are too short

Boys around here don’t get seen with shorts that are above their knees (although i don’t go for that down to the ankles ” shorts” look LOL!!- i think i may have semi- solved that dilemma- i went to the thrift store today – for 9.75 i got me a maternity shirt- two pair of jeans that are the right waist size for my DS and i will cut them down into long shorts – a pair of Nike sports pants for DD 9 (with a “sky blue” stripe down the sides — her “favorite” color LOL!! ) and i got 2 pairs of nylon sports pants for Ds that i will cut down into shorts

I am just hoping that this will solve our short problem !! – although summer is over in a month or so – we can have shorts weather thru OCT and he wears them all winter long at basketball practices my second dilemma is that i have outgrown my bathing suit so i am hoping can find a great deal today on a bathing suit that is a discreet maternity one or maybe one in a larger size – oh we.