Every time I go to a library sale

Wow…are you lucky! Every time I go to a library sale here the place is just jammed packed with people. Prices I’m not sure about, I usually just go for the $5. for a grocery bag full..plus they usually charge admission too! (50cents person if I remember right…we didn’t go this year).

I can’t brag on food bargains anymore. Since the girls went off to college I quit cooking. Dh does not like chicken, casseroles, meat, or beans except refried pinto beans. 🙁 🙁 🙁 If I cook or bake anything I am stuck eating it! Did hit garage sales and found ty beanies for $3.00 bought a cute tri-colored beanie for my daughter for Christmas she collects them. I also got a pretty basket for another present for a quarter and four butterfly candles for a quarter each. I could not believe prices ppl are asking for things.

I had the best yard sale day yesterday. I have been looking for a crib all summer and had been saving toysrus gift certs here to buy a new one just in case I couldn’t find one. Well, I found a yard sale in the paper that advertised a crib & other baby stuff and I full expected it to be gone by the time my brood got organized (around 11 am). Well it was raining so most people stayed away and I finally got my crib, no scratches no chips for 15.00 dollars!!! I am so happy. We assembled it last night to make sure everything was in order and it really looks like a new crib. I now have everything I need for my little boy that will be born in October. I would *like* a bassinet (one that rocks) but will hold off awhile to decide if I want it bad enough to actually spend money on!

Help! has curriculum

Hi all,
Anyone have any suggestions, I have been saving gc’s all summer to order the Robinson Curriculum from amazon and am almost to the point to be able to buy it and the G.A. Henry collection.

Now I have just found out that I can’t use them to buy the curriculum because it is a third party vendor only in zshops. Now I know I could have gotten web certificates and been able to use them but amazon was cheaper.

Any ideas?

Right here – I have some suggestions; first, why not try contacting the Robinson people to find out if they’ll take Amazon gc’s in their shop ( it’s worth a try ), then if *that* doesn’t work, check ebay – there’s one up with 3 days to go that’s gone too high, in my opinion, for a set of CDs that have gone through someoneelse’s computer, but there may be another set up soon.

Beyond that, you could take a look ’round other used curriculum sites – you can find a bunch of them by entering “used homeschool curriculum” as your search at www.dogpile.com 😀 That’s about all I can think of right now… I know I was desperately looking for coupons for Amazon when it was time for us to order and the buggerers don’t offer any… Pesky, if you ask me. 😀