News on our pig in a poke

Hi all. A few weeks ago I admitted my lunacy to you all when I told you that dh and I were looking into a big old Victorian home that we saw listed as for sale over the internet. (We are Americans living overseas but the house is in Texas, a mile from my parents). Since then, we’ve had my folks go through the house and also had an inspector go through the house (both gave us the thumbs up), and the price has dropped once.

Well, we underbid even that and the owners have accepted our offer, so now we are closing on August 11th by proxy. The exciting thing is, we’ve saved enough money to buy this house outright, so we feel like we are set for our retirement in a couple of years. Until then, all we can do is visit it, unfortunately, pay to have the grass mowed, and plan all the major interior work that will need to be done when we get there. (The reason the house was so cheap was that it needs a LOT of interior work.) But I’m so grateful that we’ve lived frugally for the past several years and amassed enough money to be able to just jump on this great deal when we saw it.

It’s made all those years of driving old beaters well worthwhile. One interesting sidelight is that the realtor gave us the name of a man whose boyhood home this house was. The man is in his 70s. I hope to invite him over at some point and have him tell us all about the way the house used to be. I love the idea of honoring an old house by making it livable again.

Well, that’s my news. Thanks for letting me share. I’ll leave you with one piece of advice – be careful browsing on the internet.

It could change your life! Lise